#CouldUseABeer because…


Since launching the “Made to Chill” campaign last year, Coors Light has seen continuous positive momentum for Coors Light, resulting in significant trend improvement in the back half of 2019 and a reinvigorated sense of purpose for the brand. Coors Light serves to refresh people’s spirits, and now, that need is more relevant than ever.

When they saw 93-year-old Olive Veronesi holding a Coors Light through her front door with a sign that read, “Need more beer!” they were inspired, and proudly delivered. When drinkers around the country started asking for the same, they knew Coors Light had an opportunity to provide a moment of refreshment to everyone who could use one.

So they decided to launch the America #CouldUseABeer program for anyone who could go for a Coors Light right about now. They’ll help people send a beer to friends and family members who could use the refreshment of a cold Coors Light and to press pause for even a moment during these unusual times.

People ages 21 and older can simply tweet [@Username #CouldUseABeer because…], and Coors Light will fulfill their request. Recipients will receive a customized redemption link. All they have to do is submit an image of the receipt for their six-pack of Coors Light and they qualify for a rebate via PayPal.


We know beer can’t fix the current state of the world, but history has shown that taking time to pause with a cold one can refresh us to keep pressing onThanks for all your support and all you are doing right now to help keep America refreshed!