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In this ever-evolving world of craft beer, we pride ourselves on offering not just quality, but unique and innovative beers that separate themselves from the mainstream. We believe our craft portfolio greatly complements this burgeoning beer market and will excite the consumer who chooses to Imbibe.

That Beer Guy


That Beer Guy talks with Ron Joakimson of Lucky Beaver about the 100th Anniversary of the Reno Rodeo. Stop by Lucky Beaver for the Coors Banquet special which includes a $7 , 20 oz Coors Banquet commemorative rodeo glass with $4 refills.

Beer of the Month

Golden Gate Cider: MIGHTY DRY CIDER

100% fresh-pressed apple juice and fermented with champagne yeast. Juicy, freshly cut apple aromatics balance perfectly with a bright. Crisp Taste to produce our flagship cider. Try pairing Mighty Dry with oysters, fish tacos, or paella. It’s crafted to be the perfect brunch or dining al fresco bevy. Always gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Beer Details

ABV: 6.3
IBU: 10
CAL: 207
Color: Clear, Golden Body