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Virginia City Brewery & Taphouse

Yellow Jacket Honey Pale Ale

ABV: 5% IBUs: 15 SRM: 11 Style: Pale American Ale

Namesake: Yellow Jacket Mine in Gold Hill, NV

Eyes: Deep Gold

Nose: Malty, bready, caramel-y, honeysuckle-y

Tongue: Pleasant, malty sweet-ness, barely hoppy, mildly fruity

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Marlette Red

ABV: 6% IBUs: 40 SRM: 17 Style: American Amber Ale

Namesake: Marlette Lake, water source for Virginia City, NV

Eyes: Reddish Copper

Nose: Roast-y, mild stone fruit, hint of floral, slightly hoppy

Tongue: Roast-y, earthy, hoppy, stone fruit, slight coffee notes

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601 IPA

ABV: 7% IBUs: 50 SRM: 7 Style: American IPA

Namesake: 601s—a vigilante group “formed to combat lawlessness in Virginia City” – Six Feet Under, Zero Trial, One Rope

Eyes: Golden Orange

Nose: Dank, resinous, grapefruit-y

Tongue: Clean, hop-forward, low malt, citrusy, dank

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