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Galena Gold Amber

Full bodied English style beer with a distinctly hoppy overtone. Dry hopped with cascade hops for those who prefer a deeper taste. A hop head delight!

Galena Gold is an English style amber ale that has distinct hoppy overtones. Generous additions of cascade hops added during the end of fermentation offers a more West Cost style of hoppiness because of the English bittering hops. This loaded flavor amber ale is for the experienced beer drinker but is only 5.2%ABV and 63IBU’s

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Honey Pale Ale

Golden crisp taste with a hint of honey.  Great for a refreshing break in the day.

Honey Pale is a medium body beer with entry level bitterness at 5.4% ABV. This beer has 37 IBU’s and is made with three types of grains that give it a golden crisp taste with a hint of honey. Because the beer is not too heavy or too light, people new to craft brewing will be able to appreciate the full flavors of Honey Pale.

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Don’t let this beer fool you.  This extremely dark porter has 5 different types of malt without a heavy taste.  Overtones of coffee and chocolate with a hint of licorice.

The Porter is a very dark porter loaded with flavors and a complexity of malt, catering to the experienced beer drinker. Using five types of grains gives this beer a hint of chocolate, coffee and licorice. Strong Nugget hops balance the flavors offering a hefty 93 IBU’s with 5.4% ABV making the Porter a smooth drinkable beer.

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Red Carmel Irish Ale

Smooth non traditional style Irish Red, heavy on the malt and a nice caramel finish.

Irish Red is a non-traditional style of red. This beer is made with five types of grains and this complex style offers heavy malty overtone and superb caramel finish with 5.8% ABV and 38 IBU’s. This beer was created for the craft beer drinker and uses stronger hops in smaller quantities to temper higher alcohol content giving the Irish Red a smooth taste.

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Sneak Attack IPA

Heavy but smooth, not your typical American IPA (which usually has strong hoppy overtones), even though we hop it 5 times with 3 different types of hops.  This is a very drinkable and enjoyable beer, but be careful as the buzz will sneak up on you!

Sneak Attack IPA is heavy beer, but enjoyed by all because of its smooth flavor and sweeter undertones. Sneak Attack is hopped five times during production with three different types of hops classifying it as British Style IPA. At 26 IBU’s and 8.4% ABV this beer lives up to its name and only a few will be needed for one session.

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