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Steel Reserve Alloy Series



Steel Reserve Spiked Punch

Steel Reserve Spiked Punch has the appearance of deep red with medium carbonation. This beer gives off a fruity aroma of red berries and citrus. It has a balanced sweetness of cherry, orange and strawberry flavors. The mouthfeel is crisp

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Steel Reserve Blk Berry

Steel Reserve Alloy Black Berry has a purple color with very sweet taste of lots of berries. Steel Reserve is slow-brewed with extra barley and select hops, giving it an exceptionally smooth taste.

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Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple

Bold fluorescent yellow with moderate carbonation and slight haze. Upfront sweet, fresh pineapple and green notes

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Steel Reserve Margarita

Jade green with moderate carbonation and slight haze. Upfront balanced sweetness followed by sour lime and tequila finish.

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