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Redd’s Apple Ale



Redd’s Apple Ale

Crisp like an apple. Brewed like an ale. Redd’s Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness cues. This gives it a crisp, clean finish and allows the natural apple flavor to come through for a perfectly balanced sweet and refreshing taste. Different to the core, it’s the perfect ale for the curious drinker looking to branch out..

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Redd’s Green Apple Ale

Redd’s Green Apple Ale is a brilliant, light-golden beer that serves up a dose of green apple flavor with an exceptional balance of crisp and tart. At five percent alcohol by volume, the beer boasts a clean, slightly dry, yet smooth finish that complements the fun and unexpected personality of the Redd’s Apple Ale brand.

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Redd’s Strawberry Ale

Redd’s Strawberry Ale, similar to its fruity counterpart, Redd’s Apple Ale, deviates from the traditional beer profile. With sweet flavors of strawberry followed by the crisp, clean finish of apple, this ale honors the beer brewing tradition while providing an entirely new taste experience.

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