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Henry Weinhard’s Gourmet Soda



Root Beer

Henry Weinhard’s gourmet Root Beer is hand finished with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients including sassafras, vanilla and honey. Enjoy this truly great American Root Beer recipe, originally crafted by our master brewers during prohibition earlier this century. This outstanding elixir proved to be a popular alternative for our beer-drinking loyalists both during and after the great “dry spell.” Our tradition of providing only the finest quality beverages continues to this day in each bottle that bears our founder’s name, Brewmaster Henry Weinhard.




Orange Cream

Henry Weinhard’s Orange Cream is a hand-crafted soft drink that uses a blend of select oranges, mandarins and real vanilla alongside lemon, lime, Chinese ginger, nutmeg, and botanical extracts including lemon grass and anjelica root for added character and complexity. The result is a very complete-tasting orange creamsicle-flavored soda that has no equal. Clean and tasty and not nearly as sugary sweet as the competition, it starts with a strong orange nose and ends with a vanilla finish that will have you emptying your bottle in no time.




Vanilla Cream

Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream Soda is a refreshing, hand-crafted cream soda deliciously blended with only the highest quality all-natural honey and vanilla. It features a heavy vanilla nose that gives way to sweet but delicate notes of bourbon vanilla and honey on the tongue, perfectly balanced by just the right amount of carbonation. But don’t let its sweetness fool you: unlike most cream sodas, which require a visit to the dentist after drinking, Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream Soda finishes with a nearly tart bite that refreshes every time. Its already creamy body can be improved by bonding it with ice cream on a hot day, making the best use of its foamy, draught-style head.




Black Cherry

Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry is a great tasting, high-quality, gourmet soft drink bursting with all-natural flavors of black cherries, black raspberry and bourbon vanilla. Its glorious vanilla and cherry nose will have you inhaling on repeat before diving into a punch of cherry on the tongue that dissolves into a creamy vanilla finish, all delivered on Henry Weinhard’s always-perfect, flavor-boosting carbonation.