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Henry’s Hard Soda



Hard Ginger Ale

Get ready to go buckmild with Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale. We took the simple, delicious and refreshing taste of ginger ale, balanced herbal and ginger notes with real cane sugar, and added a little kick of something we call “maturity.”

It’s a modern twist on a classic, kind of like you.



Hard Orange Soda

Henry’s Hard Orange is here to help push the limits of social etiquette. It tastes a lot like the orange soda you’re used to, just 4.2% harder.

With our fresh and delicious Hard Orange, buckle-up for a Hard-ish take on the traditional.

After you taste it, you might wonder: why hasn’t anyone done this before?





Hard Cherry Cola

It’s time to raise a little heck with Henry’s Hard Cherry Cola.

We created a classic cherry cola flavor with a hint of almond taste for that subtly sweet refreshment you love. Then we made it hard-ish for you to enjoy whenever you’re looking to kick back with a little kick back.